Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stuntman Terry Leonard

Did you catch legendary stuntman Terry Leonard's tales of danger from the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Romancing the Stone & Apocalypse Now sets?

What did you think of this Behind the Scenes event?


Dan Paicopulos said...

If you were anywhere other than the Rancho Mirage Library on the September 1st, I hope it was for a really good reason, because you missed another fabulous edition of the "Behind the Scenes" series. tery leonard was delightful, regaling the audience with his experiences as a stuntman and second unit director. Terry has wonderfully entertaining stories to tell, and he is a natural born talker. It felt like we were all gathered around the potbellied stove of an old genereal store, listening to the town hero fill in the spaces which dreams leave empty. Deborah was again on top of her game as an interviwer, and realized early on that Terry didn't need a lot of prompting. The film clips she selected were ideal, and Terry seemed to enjoy seeing them again as much as the audience. This series is a great community service and there's still more to come...Visual Effects in October, Sound in November, and Editing in December, to start with. Mark your calendars. This is a not--to-be-missed treat.

Bogota said...

Always admired the work of Terry Leonard an excellent horseman among other things when infront of the camera - glad to know he is still around although probably with a few more aches after all those action scenes. Did not realise he was in Romancing the Stone - it was that film that made me first become interested in Colombia as it was supposedly set partly there in the jungles and Cartagena.